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Will your children and teenagers be learning English during the summer months? I encourage students to maintain lessons during the summer to avoid Summer Slide. What is Summer Slide? It is the tendency for students to forget some of the material that they learned during the previous school year. Here are some recommendations to help students avoid this trend as it relates to English learning: 1. Give students access to enjoyable English reading materials including books, magazines for children, graphic novels, and comics. Research shows that when students are allowed to choose what they read, they are more likely to be successful. 2. Read to your child, even if they can read the material themselves. The interaction between parent and child encourages conversation, new learning, and is a good bonding time. 3. Have your child read to you. Though it is okay to make corrections and assist with understanding, students should feel encouraged to read and learn more. 4. Find ways for your child to interact with other English speakers. Practicing the language is quite important for continued learning. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a lesson, feel free to message me on iTalki. Have a wonderful summer! Sincerely, Dr. Lacei K
Jun 5, 2021 8:39 AM
Dr. Lacei K
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