would this make sense? a short japanese sentence: Is this right: " kyou ni, あざとい ryoushin wa watashi no heya wo ikimasu " azatoi means clever right? what i'm trying to say is that : "today, my clever parents went into my room" ..random sentence from vocab i'm learning right now :) Thank You for any help you can provide
Apr 29, 2011 6:29 PM
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If you want to use "clever" to applaud your parents, then it will be 賢い(かしこい) or 利口な(りこうな). Or, for example, if you have something to hide in your room and you think they are clever enough to find it, it might be 抜け目のない(ぬけめのない). Or, if you are tricked by your parents every time they come, you might want to say ずる賢い(ずるがしこい) or 小賢しい(こざかしい). We rarely use あざとい, which has almost the same meaning as ずる賢い. I've never seen the word in daily life in Japan. Finally, "today, my clever parents went into my room" will be like that: 今日、私の[賢い/利口な/抜け目のない/ずる賢い/小賢しい/あざとい]両親が私の部屋に来ました。 (kyou, [kashikoi/rikouna/nukemenonai/zurugasikoi/kozakasii/azatoi]ryoushin ga watashi no heya ni kimashita)
April 30, 2011
the right sentence is "Kyou, watashi no azatoi ryoushin ga watashi no heya ni ikimashita." when saying today, usually you just say kyou, but sometimes you may say "kyou ha" (never "kyou ni", also, i wrote "ha" but it is pronounced "wa", just some grammar after learning the hiragana. have you learned it?) the usage of "ga" or "ha" after ryoushin is optional, but ga is more correct in this sentence when you talk about a destination, you use "ni", not "wo"
April 29, 2011
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