How is it possible don't confuse in so much words if you know many languages?
Apr 30, 2011 5:26 PM
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Knowledge hold by primates' brain does not follow an atomic structure, but has a 'network' structure, determined by the links offered by the context in which the 'elementary piece of information' has been first met and in which it has been lately recovered; as long as we are exposed to coherent language contexts we will not mix languages, as our personal language knowledge network will grow with links to the same language; it has been suggested for helping this separation process with children living in multilingual families, that each member of the family will speak only one language, but eventually Nature seems to happily find its way not mixing things; of course also the inter-languages morpheme structural differences help in our categorization process.
April 30, 2011
Don't worry about it Tatiana, I confuse French and Italian all the time. It will get easier with practice.
April 30, 2011
it depends on how much you practice them !! if you practice them a lot , for sure you won't find any confusing between the words :) ..
May 2, 2011
Yes, because I do not know many languages ;)
May 2, 2011
From your question I understood you don't have the problem of confusing words among different languages; am I wrong ?
May 1, 2011
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