How do you translate "robe" into Italian? Hi all, I have used google translator to translate the English word "robe" into Italian, but the result turned out to be four: accappatoio, tunica, toga and abiti da cerimonia. In fact I need a word which can fit with the context from a book called Chinese Art & Culture. "Robe" here appears in the following sentence which refers to a statue of Buddha: Much of its surface is covered with later repainting, but the robe covering both shoulders, the ridges on the skirts, and the flattened sashes on the base are likely to be original. I'm wondering what can be the right answer. Thanks a lot in advance!
May 9, 2011 12:07 AM
Answers · 2
Another possibility is the word 'veste' (la veste, le vesti); as both 'tunica' and 'toga' are in some sense historical words, referring to clothes in use in ancient Rome. Try a word dictionary, from Italian to English to see what the terms mean.
May 9, 2011
Your sound very familiar ;) 'tunica' is defined as a covering, lining, or enveloping membrane of an organ or part ,so it seems like the most appropriate to choose ( among the 4 words you presented) in this context since it is covering the shoulders( a part). 'abito' with plural 'abiti' would be the second possible one to use , since it means 'clothes' ,not a specific one, just any article of dress covering the shoulders.
May 9, 2011
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