Last year's $20 billion Hong Kong IPO of China's …… Last year's $20 billion Hong Kong IPO of China's AgBank was just one of many profitable deals that have helped boost banks' earnings in the region. But despite high rewards, some Western banks are restricted by tough new rules on compensation. For investment banks like RBS, which is over 80% owned by the UK taxpayer, that makes paying multimillion Dollar bonuses, even in Asia, more difficult. …… So as revenues continue to grow in the region, Asia may just become the safe haven from the bonus-busting regulators in the West. here,what does "bonus",i know it literally.i guess it refers to some knowledge about banks
May 11, 2011 2:47 AM
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Recently bankers' bonuses have become something of a scandal. They've been paying themselves ridiculous sums of money and pissing off the tax payers.
May 11, 2011
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