khin maung nyo
what means"pun" I have read in a book(ABLE WAS I ERE I SAW ELBA) is one example of pun. what this phrase means.can you give more example for "pun" NYO'FROM BURMA
May 11, 2011 11:30 PM
Answers · 5
ABLE WAS I ERE I SAW not a pun. It is a palindrome. It reads exactly the same backwards as forwards.
May 12, 2011
'Pun' is a play on words ( using words that have more than one meaning for example) that have a humorous effect, sounds mostly like a joke. They say 'no pun intended' and it means that the person says something without the intention to make a humorous effect or a joke out of it. Some examples of such play on words: . " I used to be twins. My mother has a picture of me when I was two." " What is the difference between a conductor and a teacher? The conductor minds the train and a teacher trains the mind. " "
May 12, 2011
'Pun' is the last, and therefore most funny line of a joke.
May 11, 2011
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khin maung nyo
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