Hey guys and ladies ! How to say " my favorite book " in Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic ?
May 14, 2011 6:06 AM
Answers · 8
كتابي المفضل
May 15, 2011
you say ... "ketaby al mofaddal" كتابى المفضل
May 14, 2011
hi, im fine thx. actually u can say the same sentence in standard or egyptian as i know , in syrian u normally could do so in this sentence . we say [ ketabi al-mofaddal ] =كتابي المفضل=my favorite book ketabi=كتابي=my book al-mofaddal=المفضل=favorite i hope that help u .
May 14, 2011
يمكنك القول = you can say كتابي المفضل ketabe almofadal, or (al ketab al mofadal ladea)= الكتاب المفضل لدي
May 16, 2011
Standard Arabic: كتابي المفضل كتاب book ي the linked pronoun meaning 'my' المفضل the favorite. "Notice the difference in sentence strucutre."
May 15, 2011
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