[Deactivated user]
Can you correct my sentences? It mean's that we have to go to bed early if we want be srong and in telligent for all day. I always need an alarm clock to wake up, because I usually be very tired. I often have late nights, because I have to do lot's of things till next day such as prepare my homeworks, complete my tasks from another physics school and so on. I know that is unhealthy and it can cause serious heart disease or fatigue, but I don't have another choise. I have a strict daily routine. I wake up, have a shower, a breakfest, then I go to school. After that, I have a dinner, then start doing my homeworks. I also ride a bike in the evening if some free minutes left. That is my tiresome routine. But as I read in one text "Next time you think a daily routine is boring and predictable, remember that routine may well save your life in the long run." In first sentence have to be "strong", not "srong"
May 15, 2011 1:43 PM