关于一个英语的词组 请看下文 我是想问 什么时候该用 “抛弃” 什么时候 用 “放好“有时候会造成翻译的误会 ,有经验的帮帮忙。。。 put away 放好;抛弃;储存 抛弃: After the war was over, mum put away the pen and paper. 战争结束后,妈妈抛弃了笔和纸。 放好: I have put away all my clothes 我把所有的衣服都放好
May 16, 2011 2:09 PM
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After the war was over, mum stored away/put away/ abandoned the pen and paper. I have stored away[ put aside to wear later] all my clothes I put away all the clothes [ to put clothes in wardrobe or drawer, to wear later] "Abandoned" is used to mean to leave and not touch again.If the mother was not going to write ever again after the war, then you can use "abandoned" If you were never going to put your clothes on again, then you would use "abandoned"
May 16, 2011
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