Help reading french- how should i start? Hello and thank you for reading my question. I am more than a beginner in french, and i find pronunciation difficult, compared to german for example. But i like languages, and i want to learn this language as well.I have though reading would be a good start. Where can i find 'reading rules' or something similar? Any other tips and resources are greatly appreciated.
May 19, 2011 2:13 PM
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Bonjour Before you read anything you have to listen others and when you feel ready to try, then go for it !
May 20, 2011
In the beginning i read french novel from A1,it's bilingual book,for example "La Belle et la Bête","La Tulipe Noire",this is the most primary can find some kinds of this book from bookshop,and now i read A2
May 20, 2011
Hi Kristin, these italki pages will help you
May 20, 2011
Kristin,from your profile,I find that you're from Romania,so your mother tongue is similar to French to some extent,coz they're all Romance languages.So you do have advantages to learn it,yeah,the phonetics part of French is really difficult,which I have spent more than months learning it...Maybe first,you can go find some books about French in bookstores,especially those with details of its phonetics,..because the phonetics of French is one of the most difficult in the world...once you master the phonetics part,then u'll find easier to learn it since your mother tongue's close affinity with French,I believe in you that you can learn French well....go you!!!(*^_^*)
May 19, 2011
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