What does "sufficial" mean?
May 20, 2011 7:41 AM
Answers · 8
"Sufficial" isn't a word as far as I know; but there are two words close to it; surficial (from the noun 'surface'); relating to, or on the surface of something sufficient (from the verb 'to suffice'); enough of something, satisfactory
May 20, 2011
Liza, I didn't think there was such a word, until I did a search and found this: By derivation, all words form 2 structural classes: 1. simplexes (non-derived) 2. complexes (derivatives) which in their turn may be divided into: · sufficial · prefixal · conversions · compounds -------------------------------------------- Apparently, in the field of lexicology, the branch of linguistics concerned with the meaning and use of words, "sufficial" is an alternative spelling for "suffixal". suffixal (sufficial) adj. - occuring at the end of a word Of course, it is also possible that "sufficial" is just a misspelling.
May 20, 2011're sure that this is a right word?
May 20, 2011
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