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What's difference of "없어요 & 없죠 " ??
May 22, 2011 4:07 AM
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사실 '없어요'와 '없죠' 별 차이는 없는데 뉘앙스(어감)가 틀리답니다. 아 설명하기 어렵네요. 한글로 적어도. 질문할 때 '~죠/~이죠' 는 짐작은 가는데 확인하려고 할 때 쓰인다는 것 정도 알아 두세요. 가 : 여자친구 있어요? ( 여자친구가 있는지 없는지 잘 모르는 상태에서 질문함.) 가 : 여자친구 있죠? ( 폰에 여자친구 사진 본 것 같기도 하고, 어떤 여자랑 같이 다니는 모습 자주 봤고 해서 확인차 질문함.) 이해가 되시나요?^^
May 23, 2011
없어요 없죠. (죠 is short for "-지요") I think you know their meanings. They normally means 'do(es) not have or there is(are) not'. What I'd like to emphasize is that '없죠' is used positively. Let me give you examples, A : Do you have a car? B : 없어요. A : Does your car have any PROBLEMS? B : 없죠 (OF COURSE NOT. It does NOT) The fact is positve even though the answer was negative. 없어요. (no, it does not) I want to explain more in detail, but my english is limited. Maybe someone who speaks better English or Chinese will help you.
May 22, 2011
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