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what's the difference between production and manufacturing?
May 22, 2011 7:50 AM
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In production, the raw material is not procured from outside, the company owns it and after processing and make the final product. But in manufacturing, the company procures the raw material from outside, and then makes the final product. manufacturing is a process of converting raw material in to finished product by using various processes,machines and energy.it is a narrow term. production is a process of converting inputs in to outputs.it is a broder term. every type of manufacturing is production but every production is not a manufacturing. exa- making of a turbine by various processes is manufacturing assemble the various parts to make a engine is production not manufacturing. Manufacturing isn't just when producing the product, it includes other stages such as design, sales, management and marketing
May 22, 2011
Manufacturing implies an artificial process for creating something (usually a physical object). Besides simple examples like cars, airplanes, you can also manufacture evidence in a court of law. The implication is that you made it up, or falsified the evidence. In contrast, to produce evidence means to present it to the court. Manufacturing also implies a more mechanical, and possibly dehumanizing process than production. To say you produced a work of art implies you have exercised artistry and creativity, whereas to say you manufactured a piece of art would mean you either copied it or otherwise followed some rigid formula. For instance, some people say that President Obama's speeches felt manufactured. What they mean is that his speeches did not feel genuine, or that it represents his own ideas. Something that is manufactured is the product of a machine, whether it's a physical machine, some algorithm, or some organization.
May 22, 2011
Production is the process of growing or making something to sell or use. You can say agricultural, food, steel production or the production of grains, cars and nuclear weapons. Production is also used to mean the process of making something naturally. 'The body's production of red blood cells.' Manufacturing is more specific and refers to the industry or business of making products usually with machines in factories. Manufacturing is not used when we talk about making food or drinks or making things from natural materials such as wood, animals etc.
May 22, 2011
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