Could you correct my letter? Thanks for your answer. Dear sir, I’m writing with regard to the trip to Cuzco on Saturday June 20th. My family and i were disappointed with the trip for several reasons. To begin with the reception in the airport, we had to wait for a long time to the person who took us to the hotel. Secondly, your advert said we will visit to the centre square, the Cathedral, the Temple Coricancha and four nearly ruins. We couldn’t go to ruins, as had been closed for bad weather. In addition, the advert suggested we had experienced tour guides who would talk us about the sightseeing places. We got lost going to Macchu Picchu and felt afraid for a few hours. All in all, the cost of the tour included all the travel expenses, we didn’t know we had to buy a Touristic Integrated Ticket (TIT) to be able sightseeing. Therefore, we would appreciate some form of compensation for our disappointment. I look forward to hearing from you, Yours faithfully, Cecilia Ronalds
May 22, 2011 11:12 PM
Answers · 2
Algunas correcciones : "in the airport" -> "AT the airport" "said we will visit to the centre square" -> "said we WOULD visit the center square" ^^
May 22, 2011
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