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Though a good marks on exams ,when speaking or writing,I always make mistakes,this made me nervous! 我老是犯点小错误~时态啊介词什么的~搞的我现在都不敢开口了~怎么办~
Dec 23, 2007 10:38 AM
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Teacher's tongue...huh? not bad, I think. How baby get start speak? Think about it. That's the language. Pls dun pay too much attention to what u ve learned at school. U tell, he got, that's wat u want.
December 24, 2007
I do think it is a popular problem in Chinese students. One reason is that English is not our mother tongue while the other reason is less practice on reading, writing listening and speaking in English. No one can avoid such annoyance until he/she can do quite a bit of practicing... When you could speak or write English based on your English linguistic sense other than recalling or searching what you have studied, you would be perfect on English!
December 23, 2007
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