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How to improve my oral english ?And how to be an excellent international reporter?What should i do ? my ideal career is being an international reporter,so i must learn english very well,especially oral english,i want to go around the world to reporting,thinking and talking for those who need somebody to stand on their right,especially for the poors
Dec 24, 2007 2:53 PM
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Reporters need quite an extensive vocabulary, so that might be something you want to work on. But reporters also need to know a lot about politics and history so they can actually make sense when they talk about something. I suggest you check out CNN and BBC News and try to see how English/American reporters do it. And perhaps you could find a forum where you can debate about news and politics. Huib-Jan van Uum, reporting for italki news, now back to the studio. 呵呵。:P
December 24, 2007
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