"We'll get it sorted." Does it mean "we'll do something to solve the problem."? or we will say to somebody to handle it. Which one is it?
Dec 25, 2011 4:50 PM
Answers · 2
The word "sorting" has following different meanings: 1) to find a solution 2) to organise 3) to punish someone So when you say "We'll get it sorted" it's meaning depends on the situation . If for example you have a complicated situation/problem and you say "We'll get it sorted" , you will mean " lets solve this problem (either solve it yourselves or by asking someone to help ) ".....but basically your intention is to solve the problem.
December 25, 2011
"We'll get it sorted" means we will handle the problem to find the resolution of it. Basicly, it is just a promise to deal with something, but whether we achieve any positive results still a question.
December 25, 2011
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