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Ano ang pagkakaiba sa pagitan ng 'tuloy po kayo' at 'walang anuman' at 'tinatanggap kita'?
Jan 21, 2012 7:30 PM
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"tuloy po kayo" = "come in", "come inside", "go ahead" e.g. 1) welcome, come in 2) this way, just go ahead "tuloy" literrally means continue or proceed. "po" is a Filipino polite word/ honorific "kayo" refers to a you and a group of people you're with, "walang anuman" = "it's nothing" e.g. A: Thank you. B: (reply) Welcome/ it's nothing/ don't mind it. "wala" means "nothing" "ano man or anuman" - "whatever" literall translation "whatever it is, it's nothing" "tinatanggap kita" = "i'm accepting you" "tinatanggap" is "accepting" "kita" is reflexive in that it connotes already the subject "I" and referring to the receiver of the action "you"
January 22, 2012
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