What foods do you like to eat or prepare for New Years Eve?
Dec 27, 2007 3:53 PM
Answers · 7
In the southern United States, collard greens (see wikipedia for more info) along with black-eyed peas (and probably cornbread) are traditional New Year's *Day* foods. Supposedly the collards resembled folded money, and the peas coins, thus insuring success (especially monetary) in the coming year. Probably a load of crap. But that was my lunch today :).
January 1, 2008
dumpling ,noodle and other traditional food in China
December 31, 2007
There are no definite dishes for New Year's Eve in the United States, but champagne is big. My family prepares a big plate of cheese and crackers to snack on.
December 29, 2007
Russian salad or "salade russe" (also known as Salade Olivier in Russia and Iran) is a salad composed of diced vegetables and sometimes meats bound in mayonnaise =) Also alot of champagne and alcohol))))
December 28, 2007
Our traditional food here in China is dumpling for New Year's Eve.
December 28, 2007
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