When you sneeze in French -- do people actually say a tes souhait, a tes sante, a tes amour? I heard this the other day, and wanted to ask if it was actually common or rare.  I also don't know how to write this properly...
Dec 3, 2007 3:17 PM
Answers · 3
All the three are used, but the two "gg" gave are the most commonly used (I only use those for instance). Rarely people say "à tes souhaits" after the first time you sneeze, "à ta santé"after the second and "à tes amours" after the third (but it is not something you hear every month, or even year).
December 4, 2007
a votre sante
December 5, 2007
à tes souhaits à vos souhaits
December 4, 2007
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