What's the difference between ban , forbid & prohibit? What's the difference between ban , forbid & prohibit?I think they are the same.Is it right?
Feb 29, 2012 11:12 AM
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Banning an activity or to ban = no longer allowing an activity that once was allowed, often by law. A ban can be removed. It may or may not be temporary. It is often a temporary law against an activity. A burn-ban for example, protects wooded areas from fire - and sometimes is removed for weeks or months after it rains. Then it is reissued. Other bans are permanent. Gun ban - this city no longer allows guns. Alcohol ban - no alcohol allowed in this county except for in your home. These are often wide sweeping laws. Forbid - it is understood that this is not a law. It may describe a law, but there wood be other words that could be used for a law that imply that authority. This word is used for rules of authority figures of all types. If we are equals and I can make a rule against an activity, I am forbidding that activity. Others who may forbid is a teacher, a religion, a boss, a company, a land lord and so on. Forbid would not have law informed penalties but their may be penalties of another nature. Prohibit is a word in-between forbid and ban. It sounds more official than forbid. It probably is more official and may come with law enforced penalties or might not. Prohibit is less likely to be a wide sweeping rule like a ban. It may apply to a small area. No alcohol in this park (by law.) No one under 21 allowed in this bar (by law) That should do it Liv
February 29, 2012
Thanks baZ,have a nice one~
February 29, 2012
Hi there! To ban is normally the action of forbidding something by some law or social rule. A synonym of this word could be 'censor'. To forbid and to prohibit, these to verbs are pretty the same, I would say there is no difference between them. They are synonyms. It is just when something is not allowed to do, in general, it doesn't necessarily imply any rule or law. I hope it helps! Have a nice day!!
February 29, 2012
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