what do you do on the new year's eve in your country? i want to know about foreign culture.
Dec 30, 2007 2:36 PM
Answers · 5
And in russia the typical situation is like this: we sit at the table with a lot of food and alcohol bevereges, then when it is midnight we listen to clock's beat at one of kremlin's towers and then we listen to our current president's new year speech, and finally we eat and drink and give and take presents (under the new year tree). then some people go out to the street, launch some fireworks and shout "happy new year". but i just stayed home and watched "Kiki's Delivery Service" and how do you do it in Japan?
January 4, 2008
In my country the english find the nearest 'house party' or 'Night Club'' and dress up in fancy dress, this year was funky Disco 70's and we all got very very drunk :)
January 3, 2008
Well... Romanians sit around the table and eat traditional food (very unhealthy) and drink (quite a lot, to be honest). At midnight everyone hugs and wishes the others Happy New Year. Then, people go outside to watch the fire works (there are fire works all over the country at midnight). After that, they come back inside and party till morning. Some prefer spending the New Year's Eve at a concert. That's about it! :)
January 2, 2008
karaoke with friends, and got the money from family
January 2, 2008
Our family spend a day together
December 30, 2007
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