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Translation of these phrases into Persian, please? Please note, I prefer translations that're used in casual spoken Persian settings, and I prefer the most common term used. > "I wanna get fluent." > "I dunno. Maybe? What would I know?" > "That's just awful!" > "At some point..." (e.g.: "He's gonna hafta give up at some point," or "At some point, abuse is abuse.") > "sometimes", "usually", "mostly" > "Geez. He kinda treats his friends like shit, doesn't he?" > "That's just stupid!" > "What the fuck?" > "gaming" (i.e.: playing video games) > "abusive parents" > "Nah man, fuck that." > "The hell with this. I'm going home." > "Why would you have kids if you're just gonna abuse them?" > "Omg, stop it."
Sep 20, 2012 2:04 AM
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1.می خوام روان ( راحت) صحبت کنم 2.نمی دونم. شاید؟ چیزی که می خوام بدونم ؟ 3.افتضاحه 4.در برخی موارد 5.sometimes= گاهی وقتها usually=معمولا mostly=اغلب ، غالبا 6.اون با دوستاش بد رفتار میکنه ( البته این جمله معنی لغتهاش زیاد مودبانه نیست!! ) یه جور ایی نمیشه برای همه گفت 7.احمقانه اس 8.!!!!! چه کوفتیه 9.بازی ( بازیهای ویدیویی 10.پدر و مادر یا والدین سوء استفاده گر 11.!!!!!! 12.به جهنم.من دارم میرم خونه 13.چرا دوست دارین بچه داشته باشین اگه فقط می خواین ازشون سوء استفاده کنید؟ یا چرا بچه می خوایین وقتی فقط می خواین ازش سوء استفاده کنید؟ 14.نگهش دار یا متوقفش کن
September 20, 2012
"I wanna get fluent." means man mikham ravan harf bezanam. > "I dunno. Maybe? What would I know?" means man nemidunam,shayad?az koja bedunam. > "That's just awful!" kheyli bad! > "sometimes", "usually", "mostly" means: gahi oghat, mamulan, aghlab > "That's just stupid!" means kheyli ahmaghane or maskhare ast! > "gaming" (i.e.: playing video games) means bazi > "Why would you have kids if you're just gonna abuse them?": chera bache dar mishid agar mikhahid beheshun tohin konid? > "Omg, stop it." : khodaye man, bas kon.
September 20, 2012
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