''I haven't tell him'' / ''I haven't told him'' Greeting all, how do I describe these two sentences ? I guess one of them might be wrong ..
Sep 25, 2012 12:30 PM
Answers · 3
"I haven't tell him" - yes, this is wrong. Please take some time to learn basic grammar. "I haven't told him" is correct. It means that even now, he doesn't know the news from you.
September 25, 2012
''I haven't told him'' this one is correct another is wrong in grammar book, it is called " present perfect " the form of it is : Subject+have/has+ Verb past participle
September 25, 2012
"I have not told them" is the correct one. It is in the present perfect tense . It means I did not tell them about that thing before till now.
September 25, 2012
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