what does " green subsidies" and " big plus" mean? 1.In Japan, where green subsidies have been a big plus in recent years, hybrids make up nearly half Toyota's sales, Uchiyamada, the engineer known as "the father of the Prius," said. what does " green subsidies" and " big plus" mean? 2.what does decadent mean in "decadent dessert"? is it same as indulgent, can you help me to difine it, thanks!
Sep 26, 2012 6:14 AM
Answers · 2
Green subsidies - green first of all is speaking about environmentally friendly, subsidies are incentives, usually provided by a government to promote some sort of beneficial or preferred activity. So here, it is talking about incentives or benefits given [to car manufacturers] to produce more environmentally friendly cars, or making hybrids cheaper to buy. Big plus is slang, meaning that it is a "pro", the pro in pros & cons, for & against. A close Chinese equivalent would be 好处. Decadent - indulgent sounds about right, more specifically it may be describing the dessert as something to be indulged in, to enjoy the pleasure of.
September 26, 2012
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