What does القرآن الكريم mean? Specifically the الكريم part? I understand that القرآن means Al-Qur'an. But I am curious about how the word الكريم changes the meaning.
Sep 27, 2012 5:42 AM
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hello, that's really good question to ask, lots of people don't know the meaning of القرآن الكريم I think you will ask me why some arabic words you cannot find similar words in your language. Well, let me explain to you the meaning of القرآن الكريم and then I will answer you about the second question that I ask. 1>>>>> القرآن come from the verb word : قرأ [kara2a] = read, * remember lots of words come from the verbs. قرآن means book of reading, book of right, or in real الدستور [a-ddustuur] same of the meaning of the constitution. and about الكريم = "the" holy, because the adjectives in arabic, we make them as nouns. I meant we can add "ال" [al] = the . so in final we will have the holy constitution of reading the rights = القرآن الكريم, but constitution doesn't make the real sense of القرآن that's why in english we use Quran, and like that we know it's book of muslims or the secret book. 2>>> arabic has a large vocabulary, and it has lots of words that english has no similar word to mean the same as in Arabic, perhaps that makes arabic difficult. But, it has some interesting rules which help you to memorise the words as well, like الاشتقاق = [al-ishtiqaaq] = derivation regards.
September 27, 2012
الكـــريم = The Noble or the holy. القرآن الكريم= The Noble /The Holy Qur'an.It is the Holy Book of Muslims.
September 27, 2012
Al quran is holy book of muslim Al quran did not get his perversion so this is the greatest holy book
September 27, 2012
الكريم= it means that qur'an is too generous to give you every thing do you can imagine in all fields of life . and it points to god because god is too generous to give this book for us to take us from darkness to light and to open our closed eyes and hearts ............. have fun
October 4, 2012
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