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Present Perfect or Pr. Simple when there are "always" in the sentence? In my grammar is written that "you can use the Present Perfect with just, already, yet, ever, never, this month, this year etc., since, for." Nothing is written about using this tense with "always". There are examples of "always" with Present Cont. et Present Simple, like "I always go to work by car. & You're always watching television. You should do something more active". I need to complete the sentences using Present Simple or Present Perfect. The Coopers (always / live) in London. She (always /know). I thought I should to use Present Simple. But I found in other text book such sentence "Mrs. Brown has always lived in that street". And I don't know now when I should use Pr. Perfect or Pr. Simple if there is "always" in the sentence?
Sep 27, 2012 7:41 AM
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In present simple, 'always' indicates repeated actions or states. She always does her homework. I am always hungry in the morning. It can also be used with present continuous to show that the repeated action is annoying (from your point of view). You're always watching TV. [The speaker thinks this is a bad habit] He always sings that song. [this is just a statement of fact] He is always singing that song. [you don't like the song or he is a bad singer] With present perfect, 'always' is used to indicate the period of time. It is like saying 'for all of my life'. We often would use 'for' or 'since' to say how long something has been happening. 'Always' just means for the whole time (usually someone's life - since they were born). I have lived in that street for three years. I have lived in that street since 2009. I have lived in that street since I was born. I have lived in that street for my whole life. I have always lived in that street.
September 27, 2012
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