How to say touch in a non-sexual context in Bengali? The words that I know are dhora and nara. However if I use them with context of touching anyone, then it's equal it to touching a person sexually. So is there a way to say it unsexually because I don't want to offend anyone?
Sep 29, 2012 2:56 PM
Answers · 1
Dhora literally means 'to hold' and nara means 'to shake'. The Bangla word for touch is: sporsho (স্পর্শ ) and/or chhoa (ছোঁয়া). (sporsho is better). Example sentence: Don't touch the cup, it's hot. "gorom cup-ti sporsho koro na". In this case though, 'dhora' can be used also. "gorom cup-ti dhoro na" [dhora becomes dhoro as a verb]. Dhora is a word that has a good meaning depending on context. Hope this information was helpful...^_^
October 3, 2012
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