Can someone please translate the following sentence in Hindi? Tohmate to lagti rahi Roj nayi nayi hum per Thank you!
Sep 30, 2012 6:33 PM
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HEY Rachale!! This sentence is taken from a shayari( a form of poem) which is written by Azam jafri. it is mixup of hindi and urdu words that's why you didn't understand completely. complete line of this poem is: Tohmate To Lagti Rahi Roz Nayi Nayi Hum Par, Magar Jo Sabse Haseen Ilzaam Tha Wo Tera Naam Tha! In Hindi you can write like this: तोहमत तो लगती रही रोज नयी हम पर , मगर जो सबसे हसीन इलज़ाम था वो तेरा नाम था ! And the translation of this line is: Every day one new allegation/accusation has been imposed on me (Tohmate To Lagti Rahi Roz Nayi Nayi Hum Par) , But your name was to the most beautiful accuation/blame.( the most beautiful accusation was name of you) (Magar Jo Sabse Haseen Ilzaam Tha Wo Tera Naam Tha)
October 1, 2012
it means - everyday i m blamed for a new reason Its more of an urdu phrase rather than a hindi one
October 5, 2012
Hi there! Is this a part of a poem or something? This sentence is not really complete. Maybe a song?
September 30, 2012
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