What are some things you do to learn English?
Oct 2, 2012 2:27 PM
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I have done or tried lots of things by now! At first I started learning English at school and I must say that the method at school was truly wrong! because we all were learning and studying it as we wanted to get good marks (I liked to learn English though) so we could study it some days before the exams... and I should say it went on and on (for about 8 years) and I just was able to read some senetences in English and I knew the meaning of some thousand English words (in my native language) and still could not speak it!! BUT I can say I could have another view to learn English (best method for me) when I started thinking in English!(of course I had known some grammar at school) I was thinking about everything in English and started writing them (and interestingly it can help you speak! lol) I also continued it with comminucating with some native English speakers who did give me many confidence!so I should confess ,speaking with native speakers is like immersing in language(writing,speaking,listening,...everything!!)I really could get afew things through books ,CD's etc
October 2, 2012
I listen to the BBC world service, I read some English pages on the internet, I watch some videos on youtube that are made by English or Americans...
October 2, 2012
Thank you again
October 2, 2012
It's my pleasure. Feel free to ask any questions you wish.
October 2, 2012
Thanks so much You exactly answered what I wanted to know!
October 2, 2012
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