Nu4 fa4 chang1 guan1 - please explain the idiom and give examples. Please use pinyin.
Oct 5, 2012 1:31 AM
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nu4 fa4 chong1 guan1 It is a feeling shows someone is extremely angry. Generally, this word serves as verb in the sentences. And then, there will be some reasons follow it as object. For example: " I 怒发冲冠 for you" which means I am so angry with somebody because of you.( the reason isn't shown here. probably, someone harm you, and I feel so angry for that person. anyway~)
October 5, 2012
古籍作 怒髮衝冠 nu4 fa3 chong1 guan1 在台灣 髮讀如三聲 衝不作冲 亦不作沖 怒髮衝冠 盛怒的樣子。 史記˙卷八十一˙廉頗藺相如傳:「王授壁,相如因持壁卻立,倚柱,怒髮上衝冠。」 宋˙岳飛˙滿江紅˙怒髮衝冠詞:「怒髮衝冠,憑欄處,瀟瀟雨歇。」 亦作「髮上衝冠」、「髮踊衝冠」、「衝冠怒髮」。 相似詞 拊膺切齒、怒不可遏、怒火中燒、怒火萬丈、怒氣衝天、怒形于色 另 清˙吳偉業˙圓圓曲:「慟哭六軍俱縞素,衝冠一怒為紅顏。」 史記˙卷一二六˙滑稽傳˙淳于髡傳:「此鳥不飛則已,一飛沖天;不鳴則已,一鳴驚人。」 文明小史˙第三十三回:「嗶剝嗶剝的著起來,登時焰沖天,火光四射。」 元˙楊顯之˙瀟湘雨˙第四折:「只落的嗔嗔忿忿,傷心切齒,怒氣沖天。」 元˙關漢卿˙竇娥冤˙第三折:「這等三伏天道,你便有衝天的怨氣,也召不得一片雪來。」 古籍裡 "沖天" "衝天" 俱在 惟不見 "衝冠" 以 "冲冠" 或 "沖冠" 代替 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWLj0dWVRIg 滿江紅(新竹中學校友合唱團.蘇森墉紀念音樂會)指揮吳聲吉
October 6, 2012
The original meaning of “怒发冲冠” is somebody who is so angry that his hair (of course short hair from man) stands to push his hat. "怒: means angry.“发”means hair. "冲“means push . "冠"means hat. The phrase is from <史记shiji-廉颇蔺相如列传lianpo linxiangru liezhuan>;. Nowadays,we use the phrase to descibe someone who is too angry.
October 5, 2012
Very angry~
October 5, 2012
怒发冲冠 nu4 fa4 chong1 guan1 discribe someone angry on the top of the world
October 5, 2012
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