what is BBQ? I know BBQ in the name of BARBECUE. Someone told me other thing about it.
Oct 8, 2012 9:42 AM
Answers · 9
No, it just means barbeque.
October 8, 2012
A barbecue (correct spelling!!) is a way to cook food outside, usually over wood or charcoal, but gas barbecues are often seen too. The sort of food cooked is often meat such as pork or beef steak, but lots of other things too: sausages, fish, beefburgers or corn cobs. The food is supported on a metal 'grill' above the heat. The method of cooking, the apparatus it is cooked on and the social event are all called a barbecue. Big salads, drinks and overeating usually accompany it. Barbecues are often used to cook street food, worldwide. BBQ at my place tomorrow - all welcome :)
October 8, 2012
Thanks for your responses, Matt22. BBQ is great in summer.
October 10, 2012
BBQ is the abbreviation of the word Barbeque. It is a pork or sometimes meat that is being put on a stick. Then it is cook by just grilling it until it becomes tender and juicy. BBQ is very famous in the Philippines just based on observation.
October 8, 2012
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