what does it VAYA mean in English? thank you................a_a
Oct 17, 2012 9:50 PM
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It means go. "Vaya usted Para su casa" -"you go to your house" Or it can also be used as a slang, like "Vaya, que bueno" like "wow, how good".
October 17, 2012
Vaya means a lot of things : Basic meaning is (To go, or to Come) * no vaya a ser que ... no salgas no vaya a ser que venga : don't go out in case she comes * ¡no te vayas! : don't go! It is mostly used a part of the subjunctive. Where we give a command/ strong request or order :) ********************************************************************** When used as an INTERJECTION (comes from ver / ir) 1. To express surprise * ¡vaya! -> well! * ¡vaya! ¡ tú por aquí! -> fancy seeing you here! * ¡vaya, vaya! no me esperaba eso de ti -> well, I certainly didn't expect that from you! 2. To express admiration * ¡vaya moto! -> what a motorbike! * ¡vaya si me gusta! -> you bet I like it! * ¡vaya (un) amigo! (Irónico) -> some friend he is! 3. Express annoyance or disgust * ¡vaya! -> oh no! * ¡vaya, me equivoqué otra vez! -> oh, no, I've got it wrong again! * ¡vaya con la dichosa cuestecita! -> so much for this being a little hill!, some little hill this is! * ¡vaya por Dios! o -> * ¡vaya, hombre! para una vez que compro gambas, me las dan pasadas -> can you believe it o honestly, the one time I buy some prawns, they're off! (peninsular Spanish) **********************************************************************
October 18, 2012
"vaya" is the present subjunctive of the verb "IR" it doesn't have a specific meaning in english since it can have meaning translations so if you really want to learn it you'll have to study "el subjuntivo en español" and the imperative form of this verb, it's not easy to understand but with practice you'll be able to understand it
October 18, 2012
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