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How do tell in English "kapets"??? This is a Slang. Although initially, the word has quite different the meaning. The word "kapets" in Russian denotes all .... and is not translated to any language in the world. This and joy and despair and indignation....For example: Today the weather is just "kapets" ..... (depending on the temperature ... both good and bad)..... or "Today me be kapets, my mom went to school for a meeting of parents." This means that after that my mother asks the school about my estimates, i will be punished.....or "of My life kapets" in this case, it means that my life is over. Is my question : There is such a word in the English language to express all the feelings??
Oct 22, 2012 6:31 AM
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Ah I did not realise you were referring to капец as the way you wrote the word in the Roman alphabet was not clear to me – I simply guessed карать. FYI, Fubar is quite vulgar as it stands for ‘F**ked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition’ – it is simply used as an adjective e.g., the car is fubar. ‘Screwed up’ (a total screw up) or – less vulgar – ‘messed up’ would be alternatives although botched (e.g., job) / a botch up would be my preference (bungled is a bit old fashioned). I see that капец does not derive from конец as I suspected but from the vulgar п*здец… so ‘holy sh*t’ or the milder ‘holy crap’ are suggested as translations.
October 22, 2012
If this is slang, I suppose the English term "shit" or "going to hell" would be similar. "The weather today is shit." - bad weather "The weather today is the shit!" - good weather "I missed yesterday's homework! My marks are going to hell." - bad marks "I have no car for work! My life is going to hell." "I never have money! My life is shit." LanguageExchangeOnly used the term "fubar," but this is not used commonly. It is mostly a military term used by servicemen to describe faulty or destroyed equipment. Swear words are quite versatile. :)
October 22, 2012
I may be mistaken but I suspect you may mean карать in Russian i.e., punish, penalise, whip etc. Perhaps the English equivalent would be ‘torture/torment’ e.g., ‘this is pure torture/torment’. Or you may have the meaning of punishment in mind (one of the other meanings of the word in Russian.
October 22, 2012
My dictionary 'LingvoUniversal (En-Ru) (к версии ABBYY Lingvo x3)' translates this word: piss-up - сущ.; груб. 1) капец, жопа 2) пьянка, попойка; запой
October 22, 2012
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