How to tranlsate "Me escribo de forma regular" Can anyone help me to translate the sentence "Me escrito de forma regular con hablantes nativos de espanol" into English? I'm specially confused with "Me escrito de forma regular". Thanks!
Oct 23, 2012 3:40 AM
Answers · 3
Hi, I think you could say: "I have regular correspondence with native spanish speakers".
October 23, 2012
first of all I would write like this : Me escribo de forma regular con hablantes nativos de espanol about your question: "Me escribo de forma regular" in definition would be like you and the native spanish speakers often write each other de forma regular is like consistently often.
October 23, 2012
Escrito or escribo? Escribirme is a reflexive verb meaning to correspond in writing. I don't think escritorse is a word? De forma regular = regularly, or on a regular basis Okay? :)
October 23, 2012
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