Oct 23, 2012 1:08 PM
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大方除了慷慨的意思,还有一个比较普遍的意思就是表现得不拘束,自然,不俗气。 潇洒就是指行为指自然大方,不呆板,不拘束,多用来形容神态和容貌,也指举止。潇洒是一种境界,潇洒不只是言行举止的超然神采风度翩翩,而是自然、独韵的境界. I don't know if you understand the Chinese above,it's really hard to I will try to give my opinion about 大方 and 潇洒 below. I think the difference between them is 潇洒 is a higher level of 大方.It show something about the free and easy in ones spiritual world. references:
October 23, 2012
Hi, 大方的adj.=generous, one of this meaning is that one person is willing to give and share. Its synonym in Chinese is 慷慨kang1 kai3,its antonym is 小气xiao3 qi4、吝啬lin4 se4 Example: 她很大方,捐了很多钱。She was generous to contribute lots of money. The other meaning of 大方 is that not rude, be polite in manners and behavior. Synonym: 自然zi4 ran2 =naturally , antonym: 忸怩niu3 ni4、拘谨ju1 jin3 =shy Example: 女主人自然大方地迎接客人 The hostess greeted her guests with ease. 潇洒= natural and unrestrained,so in this way this two words are quite different from each other. Although this word could be used both on women and men, I prefer to describe a man with this word. Example: 英俊潇洒ying1 jun4 xiao1 sa3(describe men)
October 24, 2012
and sometimes ..瀟灑 means a person who deals things is free and easy or a gracious attitude to life
October 23, 2012
“大方” means generous。 example:chuanzhekuzi is very generous for his friends. “潇洒” means handsome. example: chuanzhekuzi looks handsome today. you can see they have big difference.
October 23, 2012
大方=generous 潇洒=natural and unrestrained
October 23, 2012
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