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how to you ask korean boys " Have you had to serve your duty in the korean military yet? in Korean
Nov 2, 2012 4:44 AM
Answers · 3
if the boy is in the military, then "너 아직 군대에 있어야 돼?/너 아직 군대 안 마쳤어?" if he is not in the military still without serving his duty, then "너 군대 가야돼?/너 아직 군대 안 마쳤어?" 너 아직 군대에 있어야 돼? = do you have to be in the military yet? 너 아직 군대 안 마쳤어? = haven't you finished serving the military? 너 군대 가야돼? = do you have to go to the military?(in literal meaning in korean)/do you have to join the military?
November 2, 2012
군대 갔다 오셨어요? 군대 갔다 왔어요?
November 2, 2012
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