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What does this mean in English? みんなのカをあわせて
7 nov 2012 02:10
Answers · 2
You could translate it into ”in union” but there are many other English translations depending on the context. 1)チーム全体(ぜんたい)で”力(ちから)を合(あ)わせて”勝(か)った。 The whole team worked "together" to win 2)力(ちから)を合(あ)わせて~する "unite one's strength" to 3)力(ちから)を合(あ)わせて敵(てき)と闘(たたか)う "join forces" to fight the enemy 4)勝(か)つために力(ちからを)を合(あ)わせて努力(どりょく)する make a collective effort to win
10 novembre 2012
I think it's about "join forces" or "to work as one" hope it can help you
8 novembre 2012
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