question about several prouns 【At midnight Pierre would fly to Honolulu with Dean Rusk and Mc George Bundy for a Vietnam council of war; then he, Rusk, and five other Cabinet members would proceed to Japan. You couldn't conceal all Pierre's movements, and the press knew he would be in Tokyo. They had been told, and they believed, that it was a junket, a joy ride. It wasn't. Kennedy hadn't forgotten his predecessor's Japanese fiasco, when leftist riots had forced Eisenhower to cancel a call there. He meant to restore American prestige with a February visit. Pierre's job was to set things up.】 1."for a Vietnam council of war", is it a council? or a meeting? "He meant to restore American prestige with a February visit", who is "he "? Eisenhower or Kennedy? 3.what is Pierre's job? to rearrange a visit to Japan?
Nov 8, 2012 12:46 PM
Answers · 1
1. Council can mean a meeting - where people give advice. In this case, they are meeting together to discuss how to proceed with the war in Vietnam - even though they did not call it a war officially. 2.Kennedy. The prestige had been damaged by Eisenhower's visit and Kennedy was trying to restore it. 3.Pierre's task was to contact the people in Japan and coordinate a visit with both officials in Japan and Kennedy's staff
November 8, 2012
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