What would you suggest is the best way to learn Mandarin? Without actually travelling to China, or any other mandarin speaking country, I live in UK and find it difficult to force myself to learn as everyone speaks English.
Jan 3, 2008 9:32 PM
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First of all, just start like any other language. Learn the basics and work on your vocabulary. Then you can join Chinese Skypecasts for example. I'm not that good at Chinese yet, but there's no harm in just staying in the listening part for a while to get used to the speed and way they speak. Some people are easier to follow than others. Hehe, one time this guy was in some kind of extremely long monologue. Quite intimidating. 哈哈 Oh, and of course you can try and find language exchange 朋友 here to talk with. I'm sure there are Chinese people here who would to practice with a British guy. (Hehe, don't make them sound too British, okay?) Aye, mate. Good luck!
January 3, 2008
well, guess u have some chinese around... just ask them for help Most people r friendly
January 14, 2008
I don't think language environment is the most important thing. It may help to get more opportunitiy to practice listening and speaking, but the fundamental part, the reading, you have to do it by yourself. you should start from both the chinese character and the pinyin.
January 14, 2008
Further to what has been answered already, I want to emphasise the need to practice with native speakers: it is of utmost importance to be checked regularly when tones (声) are not mastered yet. I have noticed that Chinese native speakers are very kind and ready to help.
January 10, 2008
as a chinese people ,i think learnning chinese is different with other language .1 you must learn to pinying 2 you must recite some basics words. 3try to speak .4 try to write some simple notes
January 5, 2008
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