Forget - 忘 vs 忘记 Eg: 我忘了你的生日 我没忘记你们 忘和忘记是类似吗?
Jan 11, 2013 5:40 AM
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Same: Both 忘 and 忘记 can mean forget something(somebody) or forget to do something. Different: 1. 忘记 stresses that something slip from your memory. 2. 忘了 can put at the end of a sentence but 忘记 could not. There must be something follow after 忘记. ie: Don't forget it! 别忘了! I'm sorry, I forgot. 对不起,我忘了。 3. The usages of the two words are different. Forget to do something. ie: I forgot to do my homework. 我忘记写作业了。 我忘了写作业。 ie: I forgot my passport. 我忘了带护照。 我忘记带护照了。 Forget something or someone. ie: I won't forget her. 我不会忘记她。 我不会忘了她。 ie: I didn't forget you. 我没有忘记你们。 我没有忘了你们。 Ask someone don't forget something. (usually don't use 忘记) ie: Don't forget your bag. 别忘了你的书包。
January 11, 2013
忘 is short of 忘记
January 16, 2013
January 14, 2013
忘了,langue orale 忘记,langue écrit ,peut aussi être utilisé dans la langue orale. Je voudrais étudier la France .nous nous aidons réciproquement. Je parle la France en peu .je peux dire la culture trouve que vous aidez à apprendre le chinois.
January 13, 2013
in gerenal,他们是相同的,“忘”很多时候用于口语上,“忘记”更书面一些 more formal
January 11, 2013
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