puss in the corner who can tell me what is the game "puss in the corner"? how to play? thanks.
Apr 20, 2013 6:24 AM
Answers · 5
Here are the rules in case you want to play: 1. Goals (corners) are scattered around the play area, and each player except IT, the “Pussy,” stands on a corner. 2. Pussy walks from one to another and says, “Pussy wants a corner.” The other player says, “Go to the next door neighbor.” Meanwhile, players try to exchange corners when they have the chance. 3. Pussy tries to get corners which players have left. If Pussy gets a corner, the person left without the corner becomes the new Pussy. 4. Any time he chooses, Pussy may call out, “Change corners,” and everyone must change. ref:
April 20, 2013
April 20, 2013
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