How to say "Mariah" in Korean? 안녕하세요... I have begun to learn simple phrases in Korean; not enough to carry on a conversation but enough to become comfortable with hangul. However, one of my Korean friends pointed out to me a while ago that my name, Mariah, doesn't translate very smoothly into Korean speech, and she suggested I go by Maria instead. So I was wondering, what would be the best way to say my name to native Korean speakers, and how should I write it? I tried looking at Mariah Carey's Wikipedia page in Korean, and it uses "머라이어." Would that work best? 정말 감사합니다!
May 1, 2013 1:25 AM
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I think the spellings "머라이어" or even "마라이어" are best if it's important to you that Koreans pronounce your name as "Mariah" and not "Maria" (마리아).
May 2, 2013
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