nous sommes lundi "nous sommes lundi" although it is / today is Monday, why "nous sommes" is used in this sentence? isn't it "We are Monday" ?
May 11, 2013 6:33 PM
Answers · 2
In french, we use a lot of expressions that cannot be literally translated to English. For example, we say- je m'appelle i.e. I call myself. However, in English we do not use the same phrase for telling our names.
May 11, 2013
Hello ! "Nous sommes lundi" Yes, this sentence means "Today is Monday", though word for word the translation is : "We are Monday" ! This expression is widely used in other syntactic forms also : "Quel jour sommes-nous aujourd'hui ?" "Nous ne sommes pas mardi aujourd'hui !" Cordialement.
May 11, 2013
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