Kristina Leano
hi!im looking for people that can help me improve my spanish and also teach me how to speak portugue hi, please help me improve my spanish and teach me how to speak portuguese. thank you!
Jan 8, 2008 7:17 PM
Answers · 5
I can help you with your spanish, i'm from Spain. Tell me something if you're interested. Greetings¡
January 9, 2008
Hi, where are you from? I'm from Curitiba, near Sao Paulo in Brazil! I'd really like to teach you somethings! tell me what would you like to learn! bye!
January 9, 2008
Hi, Kristina I can help you in everthing about portuguese. Can you help me to do my english test???????? Rodrigo-Brazil
January 19, 2008
Kristina, Ok, I think I can teach something in Portuguese. Ismar
January 18, 2008
hello I'm from de são paulo, Brazil i can help you in Portuguese and Spanish but you can help me in english? thank see you later
January 10, 2008
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