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anyone can help me explain these three sentences in inglish in these sentences, ´´ Not surprisingly, one author looks to the European Union to show how law transformed relations between states as the legal character of European institutions underpinned political integration. the author sees fundermental change under way, leading to a system of multiple and overlapping legal authorities in which individuals simultaneously owe loyalties to ethnic communities, regional organizations and transnational groups.´´
25 Th05 2013 08:58
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1. We don't say "help me explain these sentences in English." We say "help me understand these sentences" or "help explain these English sentences to me." 2. I see that these sentences are part of the Translation Exercise for the 2013 Language Competitive Examination for Chinese Translators ( 2. So do you want people to help you translate the sentences into Chinese, or do you want people to help you understand them? If you are competing in a translation competition, it seems to me that either way is cheating. But I don't know the rules of the competition.
25 tháng 5 năm 2013
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