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今、生きよう 生きようとも 生きるとも Qué significa esta frase?/ What does this mean? me gustaría saber como se traduce esta frase 今、生きよう 生きようとも 生きるとも gracias ---------------------------------- I would like to know how to translate this phrase 今、生きよう 生きようとも 生きるとも thanks
2013年6月10日 04:19
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I can guess the meaning of “今、生きよう” is “Live for the moment”. And, “生きようとも” mean “Let's live together” . “生きるとも” mean “I live too” . “生きるとも” imply an answer to “生きようとも”. It answers one's own question. This phrase emphasize “Liveing” by repeating “生きる” . It is verbal play
La frase significa "Ahora trato de vivir, voy a vivir y viviré." In this phrase , ”とも” doesn't mean "together". It is the particle emphasizing the meaning of the verb " 生きる".
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