Jessica Chan
In chinese, pictograms have a story ?
Jun 25, 2013 5:23 PM
Answers · 8
such approach doesn't work with Simplified symbols only Traditional ones used in Hong Kong and Taiwan
June 26, 2013
Yes, and so as its evolution from different historical period to modern chinese character.
June 26, 2013
every word stand for where the word came and how it take shape,long store
June 27, 2013
ah ha,pictograms is like draw the picture.And now,pictograms is just remain in traditional Chinese.(just be used in Taiwan and Hong Kong) in short,in ancient China,there is a guy want to recorded everything in a day.But at that time,chinese use rope to record. And that guy thinked that is too complicated to understand. So he drew the picture to record. And that picture develop to pictogram.
October 25, 2014
it's a long long story...
August 5, 2013
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