Dec 6, 2007 2:08 PM
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在英文的,似乎没有直接表达这个意思的单词。可以根据上下文理解,在翻译成中文的时候,可以适时的用难道。 比如: Jane: Hi David, could you please tell me what is that mean? David: Wow! Everybody knows that. You don't know? Q:嗨,戴维,您能告诉我那是什么意思吗? A:哎呀!每个人都知道那个。你(难道)不知道吗? P.S. 请记住,决不能认为,不同的语言之间都有一一对应的单词表示相同的意思!!!
December 15, 2007
难道 is "No wonder"
For example:

Jane:  I work all day.  In the evenings I go home and watch TV.   On the weekends I spend time with my parents.

Joe: No wonder you don't have a boyfriend.  You never make time to go out and meet other people!
December 7, 2007
This is the closest I can get: Should you not ...[know]?
December 15, 2007
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