I have heard the Taiwanese accent in Mandarin sounds a little 娘娘强girly ? Is that true (on guys)? I have heard it sounds cute on girls though...
Dec 6, 2007 2:37 PM
Answers · 5
That's ture. Their accent spread by some famous stars and the TV program and so on.
December 8, 2007
that's ture. At least, i think so, too. Perhaps i didn't use to it. but some Chinese also begin to speak with Taiwanese accent. i don't know why. it's quite [email protected][email protected]
December 7, 2007
The taiwanese accent sounds beautiful spoken both by girls and guys. I know that because i am taiwanese, even though i live in canada, i have relatives in taiwan. If u want to hear some taiwan spoken mandarin, listen to this. it is basically a show which has Jay Chou in it speaking.
August 2, 2011
You are correct! That's why it's easy to distinguish Taiwanese from other chinese. But the Taiwan guys I know are very nice. :)
December 15, 2007
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